Travelling to Sri Lanka with kids

Galle Fort lighthouse, Sri Lanka

Quite frankly, Sri Lanka beats Bali, Fiji and Thailand hands down as a holiday destination with kids. Sure, there’s a little more flying time involved for those living on the east coast of Australia but the pearl of the Indian Ocean packs more punch in two weeks than the other three put together.

While the places to visit in Sri Lanka are not solely for children (there are no large-scale amusement parks and the like), you’ll find that Sri Lanka’s natural beauty and historic sites are places children will love. That’s because the sites are typically places where they can climb or run or swim or bicycle and otherwise explore with you till their heart’s content, often with few vehicles around for you to worry about. This is particularly true if you have older children with bigger legs and more energy. And its tourist infrastructure is usually a stone’s throw away from any adventure so that you can easily retreat to some well-earned rest beside a pool with a gin and tonic (of course) if you wish. It is, after all, a holiday.

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